Foreshadowing in Great Expectations

Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations is another classic literary novel which uses foreshadowing as a device to drive the plot, although it is much more subtle. For instance, the convict is mentioned often throughout the novel (in one scene, he is the man in the pub that has the prisoner's file and is also Mrs. Joe's attacker), thus foreshadowing his eventual return at the end of the novel. Also, there are other examples, which serve to foreshadow the convict's involvement, such as Jaggers being a criminal lawyer. Another example occurs in the very beginning when the prisoner takes a strong interest in Pip as a child.

In other scenes throughout the novel, there is a man in the pub that gives Pip money foreshadowing how he will eventually come into fortune from Magwitch's generosity. Throughout the novel, Pip also mentions that Estelle is familiar to him. This foreshadows his eventual discovery of her true parentage. Also, other literary devices are used to foreshadow serious events. For instance, descriptively bad weather foreshadows trouble ahead, such as the storm that occurs the night Magwitch reappears.

Foreshadowing in Major Literary Works